It is a new beginning!

A great partnership has come to an end as Pam and I have sold the bookstore. The new owner, Medellee Antonioli, was there forĀ our last day and met lots of people and she made a great impression as many reported back to me. Here is a quote from her: "My name is Medellee Antonioli. I am beyond grateful to be the new owner of the Used Book Emporium. I had the honor of meeting many loyal customers today and can't wait to meet thoseĀ of you not able to make it today. I take possession Monday and we will be closed for 1 week just so I can get settled and adjusted. I already feel as though I have made numerous new friends and I am grateful to have witnessed the support of this incredible community that loves books. I am a 34 year old Montanan, MSU alum, library school graduate who has been working with used books for more than 10 years. I can't believe this is what I have done and get to do, this is my dream come true! I am also definitely overwhelmed, balancing feelings of imposterism and pride; but I am so honored to build on what Sandy and Pam have established and can't wait to become your community used bookseller. Thank you to Sandy and Pam and to all of you, for the business and support. See you on Tuesday the 23rd."
We wish her well!