It's our fifth anniversary!

They thought we were nuts,
They thought we were crazy.
"You're way too old," they said.
"But definitely not lazy!"
We had no books, no sense, and no shelves,
But luckily we didn't have to do it all ourselves.
A dream and an angel named Nina took form,
And the Used Book Emporium was born.
Five years later and we are still here,
Busier than ever--no need to fear.
With our loyal customers and surrounded by books,
We're celebrating our new location and all it's fun nooks!

Thanks to you, our customers and friends, we are celebrating you with 30% off all books with the exception of our Rare and Old Book section. Friday, March 1, is our actual anniversary date and we will be serving cake and City Brew coffee on that day. Come celebrate the savings, the fun and Meesha will be waiting for you. If you haven't checked out our new location at 8492 Huffine Lane, now is the time to do it! We are open Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 5 and Saturdays from 10 to 4.

It's Christmas time!

Do you want to save a lot of money this Christmas? Shop the Used Book Emporium's huge collection of used books for Christmas gifts. So many of our used books look like they have never been opened. Others have wonderful inscriptions in beautiful handwriting (becoming a lost art). It is also a good time to check out our new location at 8492 Huffine Lane. Our customers are loving it!

Grand Reopening 30% off Sale

It's Black Friday, Small Business Saturday AND the grand re-opening of the Used Book Emporium in our new location at 8492 Huffine Lane. Our new signs have been installed so we are easy to find. And to celebrate, it is 30% off all used books Friday and Saturday. Thanks to all who helped with the move, built shelves and spent hours sorting and alphabetizing. We are still a work in progress! Open Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 5 and Saturdays from 10 to 4.

We Have Moved!!!

Thanks to some incredible people, everything will be moved to the new location by the end of the day, but it is a mess.We are having some phone problems but hope to get that corrected today. We do have internet so you can email us at if you have questions about books, etc. Our new address is 8492 Huffine Lane, in the barn with the paintbrush on the end and right next to the new Mountain Hot Tub location being built. It will be a lot of search and find for a while but come out and see us!


The Used Book Emporium is getting ready to move! The new location will be a little bigger and a little brighter. To facilitate the move we are having a moving sale so we won't have so many books to move. So it will be 30% off all books until moving day! Come on in and share in our excitement as we prepare for the move! We are open Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 5 and Saturdays from 10 to 4.

July 4th Celebration Sale

To celebrate the birth of our country, the Used Book Emporium is having a sale, starting on Tuesday, June 26 and ending on Tuesday, July 3, as we will be closed on the fourth. 25% off all books with the exception of our $3 book cart. Now is the time to stock up for summer and vacation reading. We have books for all ages and interests and we have a good selection of audio books. We are open Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 5 and on Saturdays from 10 to 4. Come on out and see us. Meesha is waiting!

Guess who's having a birthday?


Meesha will be 12 years old on Friday, April 20! To celebrate,  we are giving everyone 25% off all books from Tuesday, April 17 through Saturday, April 21. Come give Meesha some birthday love and pick up books for spring reading. There might even be birthday treats on Friday! We are open Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 5 and Saturday from 10 to 4.

Valentine Meesha

Local Bookstore

"And to all the readers, I want to say: Think before you click. That convenience of the online giant is fine sometimes, sure, but it also is well worth your time--trudging out in the rain and the snow--to the store in your town. The relationship among readers, writers, publishers, independent booksellers is vital today, in an era in which it's more important than ever to support community. And when you think about all the ways in which an independent bookstore has impacted your life, don't forget: We are as important to them as they are for us."

4 years ago!

This was posted 4 years ago today as we opened for business. Thanks to everyone for a great 4 years. Come join us today for cupcakes and a sale. Today through Saturday, March 3, all books will be 30% off! So, it is time to stock up on reading material!
" The Used Book Emporium opened today and we actually had some customers. It was probably one of the coldest, windiest days and we open a bookstore! One month ago we took possession of an empty building with a checkout counter in it. In the past 28 days we traveled to Utah to purchase about 10,000 books from a bookstore that was closing, purchased a computer and lots of lumber, and built 33 sets of bookshelves! Thank heavens for Nina, who sawed all the lumber, I did the measuring and Pam and Dan put most of the shelves together. Pam and I also put some of them together by ourselves. Thanks to our friend, Rich Winget, who taught us how to build the shelves. And now one month later, we are open for business!"

It's our 4th Anniversary on March 1

Thursday, March 1 is our 4th anniversary and we are ready to celebrate. 30% off all books in the store and we will be serving cupcakes! 30% off the books lasts through Saturday, March 3! Now is the time to stock up on books. Four years ago we opened with a blizzard and drifting across the street. A truck tried to go through the snow drift and just about took out our mailbox. We had 4 customers that day and wondered what we had done! We are so happy we did it, because we have had a blast meeting our wonderful customers, building bookshelves and having fun. Please come celebrate with us!

Sandy, Pam, and Meesha