Sell Your Used Books in Bozeman, MT

Sell Your Used Books in Bozeman, MT

Take advantage of our book credit program

If you have old books around your house that you’ve already read and don’t want to keep, bring them to our Bozeman, MT bookstore. Our book credit program allows you to trade in your used books for store credit.

While Used Book Emporium LLC doesn’t pay cash for books, the store credit you receive goes toward 50% of your next used book purchase. We accept books every day we’re open, so stop by today to swap out your used books.

Save money on your next used book purchase in Bozeman, MT

You’ll receive credit for all used paperback and hardback books that we accept. Here’s how we determine the amount of credit you’ll receive:

  • 20% of the cover price for paperback books
  • $2.00 for each hardback book

The credit you receive can be used toward 50% of the purchase price of books you buy from us. The other 50% must be paid with cash, check or debit. Credit may be applied only to used books and non-specialty books.

If you have questions about our book credit program, call us at 406-586-9747.