4 years ago!

This was posted 4 years ago today as we opened for business. Thanks to everyone for a great 4 years. Come join us today for cupcakes and a sale. Today through Saturday, March 3, all books will be 30% off! So, it is time to stock up on reading material!
" The Used Book Emporium opened today and we actually had some customers. It was probably one of the coldest, windiest days and we open a bookstore! One month ago we took possession of an empty building with a checkout counter in it. In the past 28 days we traveled to Utah to purchase about 10,000 books from a bookstore that was closing, purchased a computer and lots of lumber, and built 33 sets of bookshelves! Thank heavens for Nina, who sawed all the lumber, I did the measuring and Pam and Dan put most of the shelves together. Pam and I also put some of them together by ourselves. Thanks to our friend, Rich Winget, who taught us how to build the shelves. And now one month later, we are open for business!"