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I m not in the 90 control group

I m not in the 90 control group

I m not in the 90 control group

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    I m not in the 90 control group
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    Wu Xin 1008
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    Novel 520
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2022-08-06 01:47:03
It's also known as "returning to 90 as a mother is strong" it's also known as "returning to 90 as a counter attack" it's also known as "I'm wrong with the female control group" ------- Li Xiaomeng didn't know until she died that she was living in a book called "getting rich with the beautiful wife of 90 Koi" and took the super cannon fodder script of the female control group, A miserable tool man who sets off and contributes to the happiness and prosperity of women Hostess: she holds the script of the sweet pet article of the 1990s, and her husband loves her. Her two children are lovely, clever, sensible and smart, and both have been admitted to famous universities; The good luck halo of the female owner shines on the demolition and sudden wealth. She gets rich with her family by virtue of her good luck, and finally becomes the richest man in the country envied by everyone Li Xiaomeng's husband died early. One of his daughters committed suicide due to autism and the other was infected with pornography, gambling and drugs. They were under the age of 18 when they died; She was down and out for half her life and died miserably in a rental house; It has become an insignificant social news rebirth back to the tragic starting point of her and her daughters; She's not the cannon fodder tool man... She just wants to protect her daughters to grow up happily and safely how to get rich? Only demolition take the road of female owners, so that female owners have no way to go!

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