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Doomed half demon

Doomed half demon

Doomed half demon

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    Doomed half demon
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    Fox of the Kingdom
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    Bestcar read
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2022-07-18 02:20:22
A banshee of the Nine Tailed Fox family, kill people? Ruining elixir? Extermination? And collude with dark demons it caused chaos in the demon family, it also triggered the female demon head of the second God demon war, let her be the king of the four demon families even let her marry the kings of the four ethnic groups How dare you challenge the two Warcraft and become the king of Warcraft Why do you want to fly to God? Into heaven... it's just a banshee. Is she going to heaven? Is there any reason he, he, and he... Protect her Oh, my God! Where's the reason see how a banshee of the Nine Tailed Fox family counterattacks, grow up to be a king and empress, and also be loved and hated by him.

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