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My second demon cat boyfriend

My second demon cat boyfriend

My second demon cat boyfriend

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    My second demon cat boyfriend
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    Tiantao Yaoyao
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    People Books
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2022-08-05 20:38:37
Ling Chen, a cat demon who has practiced for 500 years, came to the modern world by chance to collect soul jade met the female Lord Lu Qingqing Lu Qingqing was the God in charge of the divine world in his previous life the last piece of soul jade was in Lu Qingqing's hands the king of hell who was demoted to the earth because he lost his life and death book Xu Haozhi, also a former member of the idol men's group what sparks will the three spark in modern times can Ling Chen successfully get the soul jade and return to the other world can Lu Qingqing's divine power awaken?

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